We Hate Instant Glamour For Being So Professional = )


Instant glamour, a local photography studio @ Orchard Pomo, it was established since 1997. Our team decided to go for a photo shoot as we need our corporate image for our group, and thanks for the staff at Instant Glamour, they provide us with necessary or basic hairdo and they even can provide us with the professional outfit that will go well for our purpose here.

a nice corporate image sample taken from Instant Glamour Photo Studio
a nice corporate image sample taken from Instant Glamour Photo Studio

The boss was rather friendly as we are a group, he foresee that we will be in a mess since this is our first time taking the professional photos at his photography studio. So he told us that to touch up our “face” before reaching the studio so that time can be shorten. Anyway we did what he said.

Upon reaching the studio, the boss by the name of Trevor did a brief introduction of their packages and we went ahead with the shoot. The whole process was guided and easily done up within 30mins.

After the photo shoot, we went to the nearby coffee shop before collecting the photos. The whole photography process was easy and thumbs up to Instant Glamour. By the way, they not provide professional studio photography services but an array of services from passport photo, family photo to wedding photography!

For those keen, you can visit them http://instantglamour.com or give them a ring 6339 3998 for your photography needs.

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