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Our team visit the Westwood Residences showflat today and found that the location was nestled among the private estates which is rare for a executive condominiums (EC). Normally the EC will be built around the HDB areas. However only Sea horizon and Westwood Residences seem to be the one that are “hidden” inside the private neighbourhood. A little drawback about this Westwood Residences is that it is no way near the MRT stations, hence be prepare to have your own transport if you are keen in this development.

Westwood Residences residents can enjoy the bicycle theme that KBD Westwood Pte. Ltd. [Koh Brothers is the developer] have packaged it to “compensate” the inaccessibility location perhaps.


The transactions for Westwood Residences have been increasing probably showing that people is bullish on Jurong development. Many good news surround Jurong like the Railway, Jurong Innovation District, 2nd largest CBD in Singapore.

Some images gotten from Property guru at their interior pictures!


Westwood Residences is Singapore’s first bike-themed home, but that only tells half of the narrative. The 2, 3 and 4 bed units also come in superior variants which supply extra square footage along with added washing and toilet facilities and master bedroom balconies.

Building is underway and of improvement, and the end date will probably be forward of the projected finish date of August 2018.

The bike subject was taken throughout the entire development, and it definitely makes for an unique, dynamic development. The miniature velodrome (30m x 15m) is the star of the show, but it’sn’t the only draw this has to offer. The development features a child’s traffic garden, allowing children to get to grasp with cycling on a road environment that is safe. There’s additionally a covered bike care place, a kids’s BMX adventure park, and there’s a risk-free bike garage when you’ve had enough cycling for one day.


Executive condo is generally a “subsidised” property developed by the government, and the price is usually around 20 to 25% cheaper than the private condo hence the margin of  safety of getting an EC is well worth it. The only tradeoff is to there is MOP of 5 years for owners to sell to the resale market. And another 5 years to be able to sell to foreigners (all in total is 10 years). For pure staying purposes, an EC will make a wise choice else the opportunities cost will need to consider.

To summarise about Westwood Residences EC
Westwood Residences is a stylish EC development in a very up and coming place of the isle. Over the coming years, there will be substantial development in the region, bringing in a lot of middle to high level occupations, and the infrastructure, shopping and dining which is included with it. The lakeside development really will be a fantastic destination for everyone from couples to families.

There are plenty of well-respected education facilities from primary upwards, including River Valley High School and Nanyang Technological University. Though the area is somewhat distanced from the city centre, transport links are great, so you are never more than an hour from the CBD, half that in off peak times, and on the MRT.

The entire place has a relaxed, community feeling about it that is missing from the Bay Area.

Oh btw, for those proud owners, join the fb group to start discussing about your future home: https://www.facebook.com/groups/906098986146174/

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